Artificial Intelligence in the FE and Skills Sector

A webinar series presented by Darren Coxon


The 6-part webinar series, designed for UK FE colleges and training providers, explores the potential of generative AI in supporting teachers, practitioners, leaders and students. The series will cover an introduction to AI and its ethical considerations, the impact of AI at the policy level, using AI for efficiency in planning and resourcing, AI-driven data analysis, the role of AI in fostering classroom creativity and insight, and how AI can support neurodiverse learners.

Through presentations, case studies, and Q&A, participants will understand how to effectively integrate AI tools and strategies into their educational practice, ultimately enhancing the learning experience for all students.

Darren Coxon

Coxon AI

Series Presenter

This series is presented by AI education expert Darren Coxon.


Darren Coxon is the Founder of novaschools, a consultancy specialising in leveraging AI to make schools places people want to be, not have to be. An educator for 25 years, Darren has most recently managed the operation of school groups, notably Brighton College’s international schools and Britus Education, Bahrain. Darren has been at the forefront of educational technology for many years, including leading the first state 6th form in the UK to move to an iPad 1:1 model. He is now a major thought leader on AI in education and has delivered training, keynotes and workshops for HMC, COBIS, BSME, GSA, Independent Schools Portal, the National College, and GESS Dubai.

Series Guide

Discover the future of Artificial Intelligence in the FE and Skills Sector with our exclusive six-part webinar series! Join us live on Wednesday, June 5th, and Thursday, June 6th, for engaging 60-minute episodes packed with insights and interactive Q&A sessions featuring expert, Darren Coxon. Whether you’re interested in one episode or all six, registration is flexible to meet your schedule.

Missed a live session? No problem. Recordings will be available just 4 hours post-event, ensuring you stay informed on your own time. Register now to secure your spot in this groundbreaking series!

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